Friday, June 29, 2007


An act of kindness came my way this week. I've been scanning the blogs of the participants of SP10 and found a knitter who lives only 3 blocks away. She is a rare person, one who is truly, truly nice. She picked me up Wednesday and we drove to the next town to an evening knitting group. I've almost become a shut-in because parking and walking a distance is very difficult. Cheryl dropped me at the front door and went to park. SHe is also very thoughtful! We have much in common, her son is in Israel and mine has not come home from Australia YET. We are also service wives, hers USAF and mine USN. AND we knit. How lucky for me! Monday she is taking me to the TIDEWATER KNITTING GUILD. Sounds like fun.

We bought a new color printer and scanner. This one has many color cartridges and we hope will use color ink more wisely.
I'm busy printing many good things to knit and sew. I want to make a needle roll but haven't found just the pattern. I also want a project bag that holds 2-3 skeins.

John was the head of the SAGS for the MS-150 earlier this month on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I was not allowed to go because of the chest cold and diminished immune system. They raised lots of money but had rain Sunday so finished early. This was our 6th year to head up the SAGS. I was also supposed to help with the accounting for the Relay for Life and had to bow out also for the same reason Thanks goodness for knitting. I'd be stir crazy with all I have missed.

My daughter is a Interior Designer ( more than a decorator and less than an architect) Like the proverbial shoemaker whose children had no shoes, her schedule does not allow her to work for me, often, BUT when she does it is always a joy. Today I had wide wooden blinds hung on the side by side windows in the den. They are almost the same color as the paneling and make the room look so much bigger. The room also feels much cooler due to the filtered light. It also feels more like my hometown of Key West where the rooms are also shaded from the sun. So I just sat for a long while and enjoyed. It is a luxury to have something that is just so right!

I am again waiting for a call for a knee replacement date. I think my family is tired of waiting also. My knees have both gotten so bad that the bulk of running the house has fallen on them. I do have a stool that can run the kitchen so I can chop and cook while sitting. For a change I cooked every night and we ate on the deck. The evening breezes made it very pleasant.
Things are slowly turning my way again.

See you on the needles

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm back!

I finally feel like posting again. For a while everything I had to say was so blue and sad I did not feel like writing about it. I've been taking some vitamins and some new meds and I have perked up. Of course I have not been anywhere or done anything so I really have nothing to blog about.

SHep is still in Australia and given half a chance I think he would stay. We are all green and want to plan a trip for ourselves. He dived on the Great Barrier Reef and gave us an e-mail update on flora, fauna, history and all he met. How small the world is today

Hubby was in a time trial for bicycle racers ( there were not too many in his age bracket of 60 plus) but he did manage to win a point or two for the team. At 75 I think it was fantastic. He has held us together during all these trials I"ve added to our lives. I am again waiting for a date for surgery.

Megan is busy working on me. Trying to find ways to get more exercise and better nutrition. With her busy schedule I am impressed she has found time. She has been a cheerful encorager when I needed it the most.

Thanks to everyone for the e-mails, phone calls and cards. They reaaly do help.