Wednesday, July 9, 2008

just a little drink

It was a happy, sunny, relaxing soak in the pool after a bike ride.

What is that noise?

It had better not be that dog in my Budweiser again!

Tour De France Kal entry

I am a hostess for the TDF KAL and we were all challenged to enter a contest to tell about our knitting, our cycling or our love of France. What a choice! I found myself dithering back and forth.
So simple but so difficult. I felt I fit all 3 categories !

I cycle and I wanted to knit some anklets for cycling socks for my TDF project. I have a red recumbent 21 speed with 3 wheels due to a balance problem. With my basket on the rear I look like a granny and I wanted to spice it up! My red, white and blue socks will look great. They remind me of riding in Norfolk with all our family on July 4, 1976 at noon as the bells all over town rang out and people came out on their porches to cheer America's 200th birthday.
I just happened to be reading JOHN ADAMS by David McCullough. Mr Adams had been sent to France to lobby for suport of men, money and ships when I found the 1776 yarn by Schoeller Fortissima. It seemed I was meant to knit these socks. The descriptions of the trials and successes with Adams and Franklin , their living arrangements and the language are very much on my mind as the Tour winds its way. It was boggling to read how these men labored to form a government that we take for granted, especially in light of the election soon to be upon us. Our forefathers had never had to think of starting a government. They already had one in the King. France was watching very closely to see how Adams, Franklin and jefferson worked the problems out.
I’ve always had an affinity for France and was very intrigued at the start, I am Irish with a little French. The Breton coast has long been a dream visit. When I first met my Mother-in-law I found she was a superb cook with French cuisine. Many of her recipes are our favorites. An early present from her was my dog-eared Julia Child and a love of spinach souffle.
SO there you are, Not all one option but a little of each. Win or loose, I love my socks, Mr. Adams and French cuisine. Bon Appetit!
And here they are on their way to the frog pond. Everything from the cuff down is being redone..better!