Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So it has been another very busy month . . this is only one of the finished objects, done in time for Easter. I have enough left over to do a tam to go with it.  I have fallen hard for sweaters that knit from the neck down. You can check the neck immediately, and at the end check arm length and finished length. For a child very necessary!  The photo was taken by my daughter who worried more about color and composition. I wanted you to see the bunny buttons. We found a marvelous side street button store while on a trip to New York years ago. I am so glad I saved them for this. I havemore pictures coming but I want you to take the time to ooh and aah at each one, rather than be over whelmed. 
I have a clapotis on the needles chosen for a very casual look. I said I wanted one to go with jeans and large enough to cuddle in on the sidelines of a soccer game. I think I have it.
My very, very good pal is in Germany for a while on a visit. Hi CHeryl, I am hoping you and Rachel are having a super time. Cheryl is bringing home SOCK yarn. Rich told me of the surprise he gave you prior to leaving. What a great husband.  Money to enjoy on a vacation just for you,  could it be any better than being in yarnland with money.