Friday, August 31, 2007

Too Funny

I posted about this TV show and I quess someone had the house bugged. Can't you just see this! Instead of Rhumba, Jitterbug and Samba they could have Socks, MS 4, Baby Booties, Aran Cables, Bobbles and Beads, Mittens, and on and on. Oh my gosh! I hope they haven"t bugged this post!!! AAAGH!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Down Under

I read a wide variety of books and love books to be recommended to me. I learn something of the person as well as the book subject matter. So it was a very satisfying read to delve into DOWN UNDER by Bill Bryson. It was given to me by my son on his return from his 2 week turned into 8 week trip to Australia. AU has always been my number one dream destination. I got as far as the Philippines and Hong Kong and Japan and Thailand and Vietnam but could not find a way to go down under. Now through blogging I have met some really delightful bloggers in Australia. I am not sure what they would think of this book. At times it is a hoot and at times irreverent but I loved it. Bill B. travels as I like to, stopping at every nook and corner, cross roads and bump in the road. Some people have to stay at the big resort but I much prefer going off the byway. After all, I can stay at the Westin, Holiday Inn, or Marriott here and anywhere else they would look the same. I am glad to say my son took after me and wandered hither and yon on the East coast, met a lot of people and never stayed in a resort hotel. Even rented a camper van and went to a ute round up. He loved AU and wants us to plan a long trip back. So I have marked a number of pages. I may have to see some of Bill B"s little known but treasured spots.

I discovered the source of the sock malady. I knit the lace too loosely. My teacher says I was afraid of it. So I RIPPED it back and started over one needle size down and I love them again. 2 weeks of knitting shot but a great lesson. I also need a better way to hold tension of my yarn. I am trying continental on a smaller piece but this is my usual throwing. Now I look at people's hands while they are knitting. I dislike to knit the last stitch on a dpn especially if it is a purl. It is still very awkward and I fumble as I move the spare dpn into play. Ah well, things to practice. If we were perfect right off the bat, there would not be anything to learn and have fun doing it.

Monday, August 27, 2007

So you think you can knit!

I feel like the TV show "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE" where I have a new dance/knitting dilemna each week and succeed or am voted off. Our hostess gave us a tiny set of questions to answer. My knitting projects are tumbling down a black hole and she actually thinks I know anything about my knitting???? SHe has great faith!!

The one knitting accessory I cannot do without is a steel crochet hook that belonged to my father's mother. It is the smallest size and I use it to tink mistakes, a lot of them lately. My latest is a missed yarnover about 8 rows back. I've tinked down to it but cannot get it to yarn over. I also have a lamp by my chair with a great magnifier that helps with the size 1 needles I seem to be always using.

I use to always have a book with me when I left the house. Now I always have knitting. My SP10 pal sent me a sock sized tote and I always have it with my handbag ready to go. If I am off for antyhing more than the day I take about 4 or 5 projects and 2-3 books. ALways a sock, a baby hat, some charity knitting, maybe some yarn I want to start if I get bored or frustrated with the others and always space to pick up something on the way.

WHen I go on vacation I go to relax totally or to go, go, go. It never seems to be halfway. My favroite vacations were trolling around NY city with my daughter visiting button shops, ribbon shops, fabric stores and a tassel shop. She is an interior designer and we had a list of shops to explore. I have two of those tassels in my bedroom now. The other favorite was a trip to Hatteras Island on the North Carolina Outer Banks. We had a popup camper and I laid back, let the breezes blow through and read and read and read, Bliss!!!

A favorite knitting book is impossible. I have so many, all with bits and pieces of paper sticking out marking patterns. I re-read them occassionally and always find something I forgot about. I also write in them notes on former projects or ideas for a future one.. However the Yarn Harlot's book about the knitting rules is so funny I read portions aloud to anyone I could get to listen.

I have to admit I do not know what a pod-cst is or how to get one!

I'm off to bedevil my very patient knitting teacher and the yarnover problem.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Whew! Ravelry has created a problem. I've been in it for a while, 2 months or so and a little overwhelmed. I had to sit back and decide where to start. I am a slow learner! SO I started cataloging all my books in LIBRARY THING and books started appearing from all over the house. When sock books start disappearing under the bed and baby bootie books are in the bathroom and scarvf books are in the garage, there is an accumulation problem! Now 2 shelves in the studio (ex-living room) hold my knitting books. Another shelf has quilting, needlepoint and cross stitch, But at least I know what I have, bookwise. Next was the yarn. Hey, I only started knitting seriously last November. But then there was some holiday money and the my LYS went out of business and then I discovered I like to touch yarn and cuddle it and it follows me home! I haven't found the authoritative voice to say "bad yarn go back" and so it just comes on in to the house and takes up occupancy! Ooooh, what a lot of yarn and in less than a year. So, Rav has been a big help in making me face THE YARN ADDICTION. I have no idea what I am going to kit with this stuff. Most of it I just like to look at and cuddle. The project page gave me a severe case of the FINISHIES as I faced my worst nightmare. Bag after bag of unfinished (UFO=unfinished and formerly unfound objects) items are not sitting in plain sight and everyone can see. A-a-a-agh there are so many! Enough to cover the top of the bed. So I swore (yes dear reader, I do swear, mostly in 5 or 6 letter Spanish or French but once or twice in American, but not often because everyone knows what you are saying) but I swore not to buy anymore yarn until. . . and I promply succumbed to a skein of sock yarn that I saw knitted up. I never would have believed it would look THAT good, so I just had to purchase. I've 22 UFO'S which I am not going to list, noting the number is embarasing enough. It will be sufficient enough to show them as they are finished. Stay tuned.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Charting A Course, of Course

OK,OK, all you lacey people with your cobwebby-like threads and your 32 pages of charts, UNCLE. UNCLE. I get it! I started my Lupine Lace Socks and after my initial very wobbly start, I'm cruising. This IS fun! Of course I'm knitting in the round, so my chart is a lot easier (and smaller). I, by no means, am ready for a peacock shawl or a mystery stole. I have however invested in some chocolate brown cashmere for a scarf from the book, Scarf STyle, for Shep for Christmas. Invest is the right word, Wow, is that stuff expensive. That little glob of deliciousness is like gold. I've ripped out the first inch 2 times so the third time should be a winner.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I have a rare Secret Pal in SP11. She found my funny-bone and it wasn't on my questionairre answers. I love Hoops and Yo-yo. If you haven't seen them go to the Hallmark e-greeting cards and look them up. Their dancing alone can reduce me to giggles. Thank you SP, you were a high spot of this day!!!

I wish you many wishes also!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Maybe because I have been housebound so long now but my dreams are all of travel. I plan the whole trip and have developed the ablility to recall the dream and continue it. I've been to London and need to continue into the country side. I've begun the trip to Australia but the long plane ride has me a little weary. Maybe a boat! I found this little quiz and might need to start the trip to Ireland/Scotland. Ater all, Christina can tell me about the Hebrides when she returns. I've only been on one pub crawl.
You Belong in Dublin

Friendly and down to earth, you want to enjoy Europe without snobbery or pretensions.
You're the perfect person to go wild on a pub crawl... or enjoy a quiet bike ride through the old part of town.

BUT. . . .

I could not decide which answers I liked best here is the second set
You Belong in London

You belong in London, but you belong in many cities... Hong Kong, San Francisco, Sidney. You fit in almost anywhere.
And London is diverse and international enough to satisfy many of your tastes. From curry to Shakespeare, London (almost) has it all!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I've been reading a blog (} for 6 months or so for sheer delight in her photography. She can make the simplest cupcake or flower into a bright spot of joy. I have tried to emulate her photos but her writing and photography skills leave me by the side of the road admiring. I offer this one photo in homage. Thank you, Yarnstorm, you brighten my days.

Monday, August 6, 2007

John and Liebe to the races

The family that spent three weeks glued to the TV and the Tour de France got a chance to go to THE race. The dad, John, is on a bicycle race team, The Fat Frogs. His team was in the running for a state wide Best All Around Team award, so all team members had to race to earn points. .John raced in a time trial for over 70 year olds. The daughter Megan, the rottweiler Liebe and the mom, me, had to go to cheer on the Dad!. It was really hot so we stayed near the car to turn on the AC if needed.

Liebe was quite composed until Dad came in and won a Silver medal. Go Dad!! Can't you see the expression "that's my Dad" and the rapt attention in the pose. Then we went home and Dad celebrated. Liebe is in her guard Dad position. Please note medal on chest! What a day at the races! No illegal substances were consumed, no blood was injected but some beer was definitely enjoyed!!

Lizzie's bits!

This adorable little hat is for a 4 year old friend of ours. It was great fun to knit out of Tahki Cotton Classic. I seem to make all my hats for her but she loves them... so Lizzie's bits!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Secret Pal 11

Here we go again! The last was so much fun! I've updated the answers to the questionairre but feel free to ask away!

1. I've been knitting off and on for 35 years mostly in worsted and baby yarn. I am amazed at all the new yarns and am having fun trying them out. I want to try bamboo, linen, cashmere, etc. I am not too keen on fuzzy frou-frou yarns. I like a more natural look.
2. I store my circulars in top-loading plastic sleeves in a small 3-ring binder. My dpns are in plastic bags and my regular needles in a vase.
3. I taught myself when I was pregnant with my first child; ripple afghans, baby hats, a romper set. I knitted for friends children but never for me. Now I'm looking forward to knitting for me. I consider myself a very enthusiastic intermediate with ambitions! I took a class and made my first pair of socks. Now I have signed up to make a pair of lace patterned socks. I would like to make a pair of monkey socks.
4.I do have an Amazon wish list but I would read anything on knitting. Can a knitting library be too big?
5.My favorite scents are floras but no rose. I also like citrus but no WHITE LINEN. I love garden flowers, freesias, lavender, geraniums, carnations,
6. I have never met a chocolate or toffee I did not like.
7.I quilt, sew, do needlepoint, dabble in stamping, etc. for home made cards, and I've made Japanese ornaments, I have never had any desire to spin or dye as I do not think I have the eye for it or the patience
8. I've very eclectic tastes, from folk music to the classics. I own original Leadbelly, Weavers, Miriam Makeba and have Sting, Chris Isaak, a little Bohemian Rhapsody, Irish folk music, Andrea Bocelli, Yo-Yo Ma, etc. To get my children to listen to our music I had to listen to theirs and it continues through to today, I recently watched ROck STar Supernova and was entranced. Good music is good music whatever the genre.
9. I love greens, Shabby Chic Pastels, pewter gray, stark black, lots of colors, happy colors, except I am not fond of oranges or neon's
10.I've been married 44 years and 8 months. I was a service brat and a military wife, 2 children, daughter 41 who is an interior designer of high end residential/ commercial, and a son 39 who can make a computer do somersaults. We have a rottweiler, and all are active in fund raising for Cancer research as we have lost 2 dear pets to cancer and many family members.
11. I love hats, scarf, mittens, I want to knit a fingerless pair, but no ponchos. I am a heavier woman and ponchos look like tents!
12. It seems I like to knit anything I see that I like. I love pattern and color. I would like to learn to do entrelac and try mitered corners.
13. see the above post, I try to knit a hat a month for charity . I knit mostly for others as I like to make others smile and be happy.
14.Yes, isn't it nice that someone would want to make something for you!
15. Most of what I have is old plastic, or metal. I have used the bamboo circulars and like them. I understand new needles in aluminum have very sharp points and I would like to try them. I have 2 pairs of Addi turbos . I like to have 6”metal dpns for socks
16. No I guess I sure get one though.
17.My oldest UFO is a sweater over 10 years old for son who informed me sweaters are too hot. I am frogging it to make it into a scarf for him now.
18.Christmas is always a favorite and we do celebrate 12th night with a gift to remember the Gifts of the Magi. But I lived in Venezuela and in the Philippines and I love the Fourth of July. We had birthday parties and the children sang Happy Birthday to AMerica. Also my BIL was born on July 3rd and I lost my mother on July 3rd. SO we always have a do!
19. I inherited a house full of antiques from my parents, lots of fish plates and a vast collection of salt dishes. I'll post pictures. I try not to collect as you wind up getting a “collection” rather than the one of a something you really love.
20.I do not have any subscriptions. DO you recommend one?
21. I just want to be the best I can be and learn to knit beautiful garments for myself.
22.My first pair of socks is done . I’ll have to measure them!
23.I am a happy 66 year old, born March 27, an Aries woman married to a Taurus man. who is 75. He is an avid bicyclist and we are recovering from the Tour de France marathon tv of 3 weeks. Lots of lively banter and stubbornness in this house.