Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's been 3 months?????

Yes, romelda, it has! You have slacked off for too long. Inquiring minds are asking where are you? what happened? are you ever going to blog again? and the best . .  post some photos, NOW!

I began this blog January 6, 2007 because I was using a rolling walker and bored with my lack of mobility. The worry over the future of my knees was getting to me and I needed an outlet.  I also needed a hobby. Retirement was on the horizon and did not look at all like what we had planned.

Two marvelous things happened. We won't list the bad things that ensued. I found a correspondent through SP10 who turned out to be a BEST FRIEND. Go figure how a group that had members all over the world had one who lived two blocks away. Do you sense a hand in this other than ours? She also is a nurse who steered me through the medical wilderness I soon encountered and made sense as well as allowing me to use her shoulder. Yes I succumbed to small valleys in the process. An equal  marvel (other than a new knee that works!) has been the realization that my sock teacher (who was the subject of a pinstuck voodoo doll after the first lesson) has become a best of friends. How often do you find 2 patient, charming, interesting, individuals who  answer all questions, discuss possibilities, and be as interested in you as you are in them. My life has been enriched far beyond what I have to offer in return. 

I have also found a little anti-depressant is a good thing. The very small progress in physical therapy and the knowledge that we will do it all again in September look less daunting.  I have broken the TV habit,  begun to pick up the threads of my life which my husband had assumed for me, started to drive again, figured how to get in and out of my house unaided, (ah freedom) and can look a UFO in the eye without crumbling. I also have the desire to visit the library again. I actually WALKED through a grocery store this week.  Poor John can be relieved from the shopping list. I can get quite anal about picking out vegetables and exactly what milk, yogurt, etc I want. John has learned a lot about how to select asparagus, etc. and I have forced myself to learn patience.  I love to cook a wide (global) variety of foods and I enjoy it again. 

So many of you have been so kind to care and I'd need a REALLY BIG blog post. You know who you are and I have treasured every e-mail and comment. When the motor home hits the road I hope to see each of you and give you a hug for every hug you sent my way. I figure we will be on the road at least a year!! Thank you. I wish I had words to let you know how much you have lifted me up. You are all a wonder!