Friday, October 19, 2007

Picture Friday

I think this book came from my Secret Pal...if so, THANK YOU very much as I really like it! I've already put 2 things on the list and I am looking for yarn for a third. WOW!

But this definitely came from my Secret pal! You can tell how much parts were enjoyed by noticing the empty candy package on top. Yes I ate them all and I am proud of it! The two skeins are a hand printed rayon chenille and 2 balls of ribbon yarn. I have so many ideas it is hard to choose. Definitely will need to use stitch markers though so I can use the lovely ones pictured. Lovey green yarn, my favorite color, that I may just fondle and look at. AND the very delectable scented tea lights to warm up the stuffy air winter brings to a closed house. Thank you SP, for a most thoughtful and generous gift package.
This should round out a very busy week.  My across the street knitting friend who organizes us all to knit out  in public ( we now have 3 different MEET-UPS for knitters)  had a friend visiting from Germany and I think I just laughed the week away. She may move here and I can't imagine a more welcome knitter than Rachel.  We took her to the Thursday knit-up and she fit right in. She was missed this week as she had to return  home.  Too bad, because we could have used her Saturday and Sunday afternoons as we knitted prayer shawls for breast cancer patients.  This is a real labor of love as each one takes 3 skeins of k3,p3 on and on and on. I would be so bored if it was not for this worthwhile cause.  The reason is so compelling that I chastise myself and start another row. Must knit with good thoughts so the shawl will be full of comfort!! Thank you Susan and Sue from my LYS, THE KNITTING CORNER for organizing this.

I did treat myself to a set of pink Denise needles. They really help with the good feeling!  We were about 12 of us and we ate pink M and M's, and won pink prizes.  Really rewarding work. I also won the door prize, a set of pink and white nylon scrubbies. Love them for a good scrub!!

It's been great week and my hands ache but my heart is full! Happy week-end!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Not a Cat

I know everyone oohs and aahs over the cat photos but this lovebug, all 75 pounds of her is my rottweiler, Ein Liebchen or Liebe.  Dismiss the drool, it's a hazard of big dogs.  What I wanted you to see and she would not turn away, is her collar. It's new, bright yellow and from the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and bears the logo, LIVESTRONG. A real eye-catcher and has a very important meaning for us since we have lost 2 dogs to cancer.  So look at this sweetie good, she just wants to be petted, fussed over and sit in the drivers seat of the motor home.  The intense stare is for the 3 miniature poodles at the next campsite who were allowed to run wild off-leash. Liebe is very disgusted at their antics and huffed at them for their bad behavior. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A bunch of things

I have so much just stick with me. . . we will be jumping around! This is our new (1995) RV and did we have fun. We went camping locally for a "shake-down" and filled 2 pages of "we needs", "we wants" and "wow, look what they are doing". We also had many lookers at our spit rotisserie set up where we roasted a chicken, a pork roast and a beef roast at the same time. We had a very experienced Girl Scout and a Boy Scout Troop leader along! Camp fire cooking tastes so great, as the roasts cooked we just took a knife and sliced off a piece, added more rub to the spot and keep turning! The French toast my daughter made for breakfast in a 60 year old cast iron skillet over a backpackers stove was from Italian bread and tasted like a custard filling. Many oohs and aahs. Only problem is I am not a paperplate, plastic spoon gal so I am the official dishwasher. It's ok to me as it was a great tradeoff, I just don't cook!
First don't these booties look like they are talking to one another? This set is going north to where US Route 1 starts from my home where US route 1 ends. It's a "lemon".

Wow what a week!  We have torn my living room apart and made an Art Studio. When you have 2 ladies in one house who dabble in it ALL, this is what happens.  From home made cards, gift wrap, sewing, watercolors, seasonal decor, knitting, needlepoint, scrapbooking,wedding invitations,  do I need to say more.  We desperately needed a space to create. The living room was rarely used.  Since DH retired from military service, our socializing is very informal. So we are very excited.  Guests either gravitate to the den or sit and craft, What a life! Photo to follow tomorrow when I flash my stash.
EXERCISE . .  I  got quite a cramp/strain in my right calf from one hr a day biking and after a rest have restarted at half an hour twice a day. This seems to feel better.  CLimbing up and down the steep camper stairs was quite a workout. Lifting my weight was better than a gym.
SLEEP .  leveled out at seven hours a night. I do not seem to be able to stay there for eight. Maybe I just need less. I sure did sleep in the RV. It has a queen size bed so it was like home.
WATER . . I have a cup of cappucino in the early AM and only want water the rest of the day. It is true that it is the best thirst quencher. We have great water here at the Beach.  I take mine straight or on the rocks. Tee Hee!
NUTRITION/HEALTHY EATING . . The style continues with small variations, mushrooms, spinach or asparagus in the omelet, some type of salad with a protein added and dinner. Well, last night we had Moroccan chili made with turkey and Ten Thousand grains of Sand.  I am rediscovering some spices that I really like. This was full of coriander, cumin, paprika, chili powder and fresh lemon at the end. The couscous cooked in defatted chicken broth with some apricots, raisins and fresh parsley  was delicious.  If only I was Jane Brocket on Yarnstorm you would have great photo but alas, we ate it all.
WEIGHT . . another two pounds bit the dust.  For the little exercise I can do this was great. The doctor does not want me to lose too much before surgery but I feel fine and I am eating very nutritionally.  The camping weekend put back 2 pounds but they should come off quick before they get stuck