Thursday, February 12, 2009

Me and ANita Loos

Sometime in the early 1970's I read an article in McCall's magazine about Anita Loos, a playright and author, and her knitted washcloths. I had already read about Mary Martin and her needle point. The needlepoint article cost me money as needlepoint became and still is an obsession and is not cheap! When I read the Anita Loos aticle I thought I could do that for less money and started an obsession for my husband.
Ms. Loos used Knit-cro-sheen held double and I think it was size 5 needles. Since then I have moved to many different threads including organic yarn, and other knit/crochet threads. I knit at least one a year for my husband who loves to wash his face with them. While I spend a fortune on face cleansers he uses a handknit washcloth and his face is a soft as mine. The only problem with the article is Ms.Loos took about 3 hours while waiting back stage and I take a lot longer than that. Of course,  hers were mainly in garter stitch while I love patterns. This one has a twisted drop stitch and was a lot of fun to knit.
It is a great stocking stuffer!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Elizabeth Zimmerman

I had the best of intentions but they still did not prevent me from going astray. My idea of a picture a day is way way behind. 

But I do have a sweet and cute and satisfying knit to show you. Many of the knitters  in our Meet-up group decided to knit Elizabeth Zimmerman's baby surprise jacket.  I had yarn already left from a baby blanket that never was and I was off and knitting. To me it was challenging but rewarding.

 I chose to add the optional collar and I am very glad I did.   My daughter 
searched my stash and found the lime
green cotton.  I think the little collar
finishes the jacket.  She also searched for an E-bay purchase made last year of a stash of buttons 
and found these darling little bugs. The jacket has
button holes on both sides of the front. We are awaiting the birth of the baby still. SO the buttons have another button on the back so they can be removed and buttoned on either front is the Mommy choses.

Who is the Mommy?  The office manager for my chiropractor who haas been so pleasant, helpful, and just generally a great person . .  and she loved the jacket from the first day.