Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

I can not remember being so excited to see a New Year. I read about Carly Simon taking a photo a day to track her days. So I hearby resolve to do so also.  I am so not ready to resolve to lose weight or any of the other not kept resolutions I have made in the past. 
Norfolk and Virginia Beach, 2 cities so tight together one ends at the same point the other begins, are very much into "Going green" and protecting the environment. The Chesapeake Bay is under a great environmental threat. This year Virginia is buying back licenses from crabbers to help protect the growth of the crab populace. It is just one of many attempts to Help The Bay! So when I saw this sign on top of the storm drain in downtown Norfolk I had to share it.  

Very little knitting this season. I am much more into the pattern and the yarn than giving a present. Instead we made topiaries and kissing balls for ourselves and others.  We stepped the season back a step or two and enjoyed the reason for the season. It all meant so much more, especially when son and friend came in at 6 PM Christmas Eve.  We have 2 children, one 42 and one 44. We have been together every Christmas except one. I consider us very lucky and very much loved.

Today was collards, black eye peas and hopping john. Did you have yours? I have never managed to eat one pea for every day of luck I want. 365 black eye peas is a lot! This year daughter made the meal. Her collards are heavenly and yes,  I did eat too much. 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Alphabet of me

this is for Vickie who always tells me, "It's time to post!" I found this and it was a lot of fun to do . . I think I learned a lot about ME!

Accent: I don't think I have one but I got a job as a radio disc jockey because I did not have the local accent.
Breakfast or no breakfast: Love it, eggs with spinach and salsa, oatmeal with fruit, french toast, eggs benedict, yum
Chore I don’t care for: Cleaning the toilet.
Dog or Cat: Dogs for me. we are on our second Rottweiler although I like other people’s cats
Essential Electronics: I use them all but often wonder what it wold be like to give them all up for a wk, esp the tv
Favorite Cologne: shalimar
Gold or Silver: Gold. but my daughter is a silver so I have the best of both
Handbag I carry most often: Vera Bradley in green, it was a gift but I want one in black
Insomnia: no, as long as I don’t drink caffene late or eat chocolate
Job: retired and happy
Kids: 2., one daughter and one son,  there were no other choices left so quit
Living Arrangements: Married. 2 bedrooms, 2 bath.
Most Admirable Trait: How can you judge yourself?
Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: my parents were very strict, so my worst was getting so engrossed in reading a book that I did not hear them
Overnight hospital stays: The birth of the kids, havng ankle bones pinned and set, 2 arthroscopic surgeries, knee relacement, rotator cuff surgery, eye operation and stay for rheumatic fever as a child, Whew
Phobias: heights even on the tv make my stomach turn over,
Quote: from Helen Keller, “I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish snall tasks as if they were great ad noble.” Wow!
Reason to smile: My husband John can always make me laugh, he really enjoys life
Siblings: one brother who is deceased, I wish I had more
Time I wake up: 6AM every morning
Unusual Talent or Skill: I am so boring!
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: I don't think there is one that I refuse to eat.
Worst Habit: leting the housework slide to knit, sew, read, needlepoint and on and on
X-rays: Back, Arm, Head. knee, mri of shoulder and knee
Yummy Stuff: Sushi, Chocolate, iced Coffee, creme brulee
Zoo Animal I Like Most: seals, ask John what they sound like. He does a super imitation

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Actually it is not a toy. . .more a lifeline. Walking is still a chore except for short chores and of course, shopping.  But this is a dream. It has 21 gears and can go like the wind as long as I power it with my legs. Therein is the key. I have been trying to ride every day.  But I have a long way to go to be able to ride with John.  I can manage 5/6 miles per hour. . . he can average 18. But I really enjoy it. How it will be when the winter winds blow, I don't know. But I am going o find out.

Some can walk on a treadmill and knit. I can not knit while biking .  only drawback!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have always been delighted when people say " You don't look that old!". But how do you know if they are telling the truth? Age has never bothered me, basically because each age brought new adventures. I also worked for 21 years with a group 20-25 years younger than me, so I  never related to my actual age. NOW, suddenly it is time for my 50th year high school class reunion. It can't be!!

 I graduated from high school in Morehead City, NC. My father was the commanding officer of the USCG cutter Conifer at Fort Macon and we spent 2 1/2 idyllic years there in Morehead City.  While we were there an opportunity came up to become a disc jockey after school and I took it. I also broadcast from a glassed in booth at a drive in on the oceanfront. What fun!! I had a class of only 70 some so I should know everyone at the reunion.

I looked up the top 50 from those days and some immediately made a memory. Some must have been from an alternative universe. Remember 45's? Careful, you will tell your age! So here are some immediate thoughts. 
1. Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu), Domenico Modugno-I remember the Bobby Rydell version
2. All I Have To Do Is Dream/Claudette, Everly Brothers-great brother act
3. Witch Doctor, David Seville- drove me crazy
4. Catch A Falling Star/Magic Moments, Perry Como-"put it in your pocket", oh yes!
5. It's All In The Game, Tommy Edwards recorded by some of the greats
6. Return To Me, Dean Martin I can still sing this one
7. It's Only Make Believe, Conway Twitty  he never stopped singing this
8. The Purple People Eater, Sheb Wooley-don't play this again
9. Get A Job, Silhouettes- "get a job, get a job" classic lyrics
10. Little Star, Elegants an original do-wop
11. Stood Up/Waitin' In School, Ricky Nelson
12. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands, Laurie London still hear this today
13. Twilight Time, Platters - I love to  listen to this one
14. At The Hop, Danny & The Juniors my head starts bobbing with the beat
15. Yakety Yak, Coasters-" yakety yak, don't talkback" more classic lyrics
16. Poor Little Fool, Ricky Nelson didn't think much of him but a #1 hit
17. Wonderful Time Up There/It's Too Soon To Know, Pat Boone oooh those white bucks
18. Just A Dream, Jimmy Clanton not the same one as Carrie Underwood
19. Sugartime, McGuire Sisters  be my lil sugar and love me all the time
20. Rockin Robbin, Bobby Day Jackson 5 sang this also
21. Tom Dooley, Kingston Trio - I became a fan of folk music that lasts to today
22. Sweet Little Sixteen, Chuck Berry rockin on the bandstand
23. Topsy II/Topsy I, Cozy Cole what a drummer
24. Looking Back/Do I Like It, Nat King Cole the dreamiest of voices
25. Book Of Love, Monotones - I love this sound
26. Tea For Two Cha Cha, Tommy Dorsey Orch. & Warren Covington
27. Tears On My Pillow, Little Anthony & The Imperials - same with this one
28. Short Shorts, Royal Teens who wears short shorts??
29. Great Balls Of Fire, Jerry Lee Lewis could not stand the man
30. Lollipop, Chordettes  oh, lolli, lolli, lolli
31. Splish Splash, Bobby Darin - "I was taking a bath" 
32. Who's Sorry Now, Connie Francis debuted on American Bandstand and straight to #1
33. My True Love/Leroy, Jack Scott you can hear this on you tube
34. Do You Want To Dance?, Bobby Freeman yes, yes, yes I do
35. To Know Him Is To Love Him, Teddy Bears oh my
36. April Love, Pat Boone- I think we all swooned 
37. Rebel-'Rouser, Duane Eddy-don't remember this
38. Oh Julie, Crescendos
39. The Stroll, Diamonds- danced to this many a night
40. Hard-Headed Woman/Don't Ask Me Why, Elvis Presley
41. Shared - Peggy Sue, Buddy Holly and Oh Lonesome Me, Don Gibson

so there are a few rememberances, I know I'll have more, lookup your year and indulge in some sweet memories.

I' m off to go back in time to some really fine days!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fruits and Vegetables

A book found its way into my hands 3 1/2 weeks ago. It was put there by the nutrition NAZI that has taken up residence in my kitchen. No that's cruel, she is a newbie nutritionist with all the zeal of a crusader. I had often wondered what prompts someone to become a vegetarian but I never thought it  was as easy as reading a book.
My daughter has a number of allergies and food sensitivities. You know, you've heard many speak of "can't eat wheat, corn, dairy, eggs, etc."  I am due for another knee replacement in late September. So at one of her friends urging she read "The Swiss Secret to OPtimal Health" .  My refrigerator looks like the produce section at the grocery. The coffee pot is unused, the bar is closed and the sugar is out of the house. I have never felt so good.  Vegetables that I never knew existed have appeared on the table. Vegetables I never thought of eating raw are now favorites. 
My Cuisinart and steamer are almost worn out from all the activity.  Wow!. I'll keep you updated on our adventures in nutrition healing our bodies  but for now  we are all proponents of this approach.  More to come.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Knitting, biking and all that jazz

I truly did not realize it had been so long since I blogged. I guess I had nothing to say!!

I am bringing you today my latest Finished Knitting for Ravelympics. A deadline sometimes is a good thing. It really pushes the finishing. My good friend Cheryl and I decided on Super Bowl Sunday, while we were at a yarn sale, to knit a pair of clogs with the bounty we found. Finally Ravelympics pushed us to cast on. These were so worth it.

The ones on the left are Cheryl's and the ones on the right are mine.  I had never felted before but I had the top loader washer. We started at 1030 and finished posting to Ravelympics at 4.
In between I smelled at lot of wet wool but was fascinated as all those lovely stitches disappeared.  My clogs are not nearly as bright as shown but it was a very sunny day. Since the photo was taken Cheryl put our clogs in the dryer to felt them a little more and it worked so well. I have formed them to my feet so nicely. It is almost worth wishing for cold weather, almost.
Now I have some lovely Malabrigo that is crying to be a felted bag. I am on my way!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

just a little drink

It was a happy, sunny, relaxing soak in the pool after a bike ride.

What is that noise?

It had better not be that dog in my Budweiser again!

Tour De France Kal entry

I am a hostess for the TDF KAL and we were all challenged to enter a contest to tell about our knitting, our cycling or our love of France. What a choice! I found myself dithering back and forth.
So simple but so difficult. I felt I fit all 3 categories !

I cycle and I wanted to knit some anklets for cycling socks for my TDF project. I have a red recumbent 21 speed with 3 wheels due to a balance problem. With my basket on the rear I look like a granny and I wanted to spice it up! My red, white and blue socks will look great. They remind me of riding in Norfolk with all our family on July 4, 1976 at noon as the bells all over town rang out and people came out on their porches to cheer America's 200th birthday.
I just happened to be reading JOHN ADAMS by David McCullough. Mr Adams had been sent to France to lobby for suport of men, money and ships when I found the 1776 yarn by Schoeller Fortissima. It seemed I was meant to knit these socks. The descriptions of the trials and successes with Adams and Franklin , their living arrangements and the language are very much on my mind as the Tour winds its way. It was boggling to read how these men labored to form a government that we take for granted, especially in light of the election soon to be upon us. Our forefathers had never had to think of starting a government. They already had one in the King. France was watching very closely to see how Adams, Franklin and jefferson worked the problems out.
I’ve always had an affinity for France and was very intrigued at the start, I am Irish with a little French. The Breton coast has long been a dream visit. When I first met my Mother-in-law I found she was a superb cook with French cuisine. Many of her recipes are our favorites. An early present from her was my dog-eared Julia Child and a love of spinach souffle.
SO there you are, Not all one option but a little of each. Win or loose, I love my socks, Mr. Adams and French cuisine. Bon Appetit!
And here they are on their way to the frog pond. Everything from the cuff down is being redone..better!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


This is my first knit-in. I truly am excited because like bicycling, knitting needs a bigger audience to introduce people to the pleasures to be found.   I have often been accused of being very naive but I do believe if more people would just "try it"  we would have happier, healthier people.
However,  I am wondering about my mental facilities today.  Am I nuts? The smoke from the two North Carolina wildfires AND the fire in the Dismal Swamp are being blown this way due to a change in weather pattern.  The temperature forecast for today is 91. The lys we will be at will be in the sun until after 12 o'clock and I am taking a medicine that does not allow me to be in the sun.  So I have now applied the third coating of sunscreen. I have an umbrella, a construction-worker sized jug of ice and water and cannot find the fan. 

Enough!! We will knit, we will laugh, we will compare yarns, patterns, problems and joys.  We will have a great day and show the world (our little part) what enjoyment knitting can bring to our lives.   To that end let me share this joy with you . . .

This is fishing lure bag from the Bass Pro Shops in NewportNews. I kept reading on knitting people's blogs about these bags and had to go take a look. I am hooked.  See the plastic inside the lid. It is divided, zippered compartments that hold every little thing a knitter needs.  There is one on the the other side also.  The bags inside are the ziploc style on rings. Extras are available also. I have stored all my circulars in here.  But, but, but my hubby found a DOUBLE SIZE, that had a divider in the middle and the bags on the other side can hold dpn's!!!  Oh my gosh, I have it all together . . . I will have mine at WWKIP day. Come and see!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Last night I took my knitting life in my two hands and ripped out my pride and joy.  I finally tried on my Monkey sock and it did not look good on my leg!  About 25 tears ago, while playing football, I broke my two leg bones at the bottom and completely severed them to the extent both needed to be pinned together, one actually had to be threaded together.  Both muscle packages had to be cut to get to the bones and therein began my problems. My ankle swells and bone growth at the site has meant my ankle is very thick from the heel diagonally  up to the point where leg meets foot.  SO . .  unless I have very stretchy yarn I need to increase the needle size as I start the heel flap and continue to the end of the gusset when I will shift back to the smaller needle.  And only on one sock!!!  I loved the way it looked but the 16 stitch pattern and the yarn I chose did not look good on the larger needles and on the smaller it just was stretched so far it lost definition. 
As is my habit there is good news.  Now that I know what to do  I can return to yarn and pattern and needle selection with much more of a confident feeling. Whew!

So now I am starting over. The color is coffee, in an Austerman step yarn with aloe and jojoba.
There is a tiny stripe of a very soft orange so I have some strong orange reinforcement yarn for the heels.  Might as well make a statement for all the time I am taking!

Gosh I love knitting, it's so relaxing.  tee hee hee

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bicycling and Knitting

If you did not already know, we are a family of cycling enthusiasts. John is the only one riding, for now,  I SAG, follow behind to pick up the pieces, and Megan remembers  with uncanny accuracy, who won what, and what team, etc. She is a repository of Tour de France knowledge.

Yes, it is that time of year again. 14 days of TV and French countryside.  I have managed to combine 2 loves by joining, again, the Tour de France Knit a Long. This year I am helping to hostess and assigned a "team" of knitters.  We have the name of the Slipstream-Chipotle team, go Argyle! Their jersey is an argyle of orange and blue.  Each of us will knit a project during the ride and hopefully finish or at least challenge ourselves.  

 Since the cycling world was blown apart with scandal last year, Landis, Team Astana, and on and on have created an uncertain tour.  The cyclist favored to win this year is ????  This could be great.  BUT, just today the great Tom Boonen has been accused of using cocaine for recreational usage.  It never seems to end. 

If you are interested  look up   and see what we are all about.  We also have a group on Ravelry. Some beautiful items are planned . Come and join us!

Monday, June 9, 2008


With the heat index, the temperature for Virginia Beach, Virginia today with no wind was 107F!  I sat on the couch and tried to enjoy the AC.  John was riding in the early hours and all I could do was think of how hot he must be.  

Shep is in Miami at a friend's wedding.  Megan is in Chicago at NEOCON, a trade show for commercial furniture, etc.  John and I went to Dairy Queen, woo-hoo!   

Here for your viewing pleasure is the latest photo. Unless it is a wearble I know the part I always want to see is the stitch . .  so the baby blanket is a shell stitch (the knit 4 together through the back loop is nasty until my LYS owner showed me a trick with a crochet hook, I bow to your knowledge Sue)  and the Clapotis can be see full length on Ravelry, I loved the yarn. One Christmas present done!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tag I am it!

While I was busy getting my paperwork all in order for the Tour ( ie, checking teams, reading my team members blogs, e-mailing them, etc) , Cheryl snuck in and tagged me for this meme .  so here goes . . 

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?  I had been working for Navy Federal Credit Union for 12 years and loved it.  Megan had Graduated from VCU, Shep was off to DC to work on a masters from GMU, John was playing  house husband. I was the only woman I knew whose husband did the shopping, vacumning, washed the clothes and the dishes.  Then my knees started to go bad. drat.  I bought a 3-wheel bike with 21, yes, 21 gears and rode the Bay Bridge tunnel that fall.
2. What five things are on my to-do list today.  I have already dug nut grass from the new bed at about 9 this morning, found the recipe for pork souvlaki,  did a sewing job on a new shirt for Megan to wear to Chicago,  plan to clear the coat closet of old coats, swim in the pool if it hits 101 again today.
3.Snacks I enjoy,  pecans, string cheese,  fresh fruit (bananas, strawberries, Rainier cherries,) 
Pumpkin seeds, peanut butter
4.Things I would do if I was a billionaire.  I have always had a list if things I would do for family if I won the lottery, and things for me were not ever on the list. My favorite was to endow the Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters with one million dollars to pay for bone marrow typing for anyone who wished to donate. A few years ago a young teenager here at the beach died because a marrow donor could not be found, I HATED that. .Make sure every family member who wanted an education had the funds to do so.  Now to think for me I would book about 6 months worth of cruises, Panama Canal,  Australia-New Zealand, Greek islands, North to Alaska, then  get a smaller RV, start touring US and Canada esp. New England. and then go touring in Europe. No 7 cities in 5 days for me. I am a slow tourer.  Purchase a home in the FLorida Keys  big enough for visitors, and a compound   for the summer near John's family in New York, preferable along the Hudson, either side!   . 
5. Places I have lived.  Too many to list. I was a Coast Guard brat, and then a Navy wife.  All my life I have moved every 2-3 years until 1968 and I am now 67. I have been across the USA four times on military moves. I have been here in Virginia Beach since then.  I  lived in Venezuela for a year, the US Virgin Islands for 3 months, and the Phillipines for 3 years.

I am tagging  whoever wishes to answer these questions. Most times I find reflections very interesting.  

Thursday, June 5, 2008

News, news and more news

I had to take some time off to come to grips with my life. Events, deadlines, family and knitting kept swirling into one another. Lately things have coalesced and I am back into everything again. The next knee operation is for September 6th and the diet is back on BIG TIME!

First biggie for Vicki and Cheryl are the finished projects  ta da . . . .
a pure white baby blanket in a shell pattern . .  try that with a black rottweiler shedding hairs. 

Second is my Clapotis . .  I probably will knit another as I would like it to be longer. . . if I wrap I like to really wrap up!! I am adding a tassel to each end (something to fiddle with) and sending it to my cousin in Tennessee for Christmas.  I love to think of her wandering out in the morning to check the chickens or cows or just to wander around in my handiwork.

Then finish 2, start 2 . .   For me, yes, yes for me . .  look Jae, Monkeys . . . at the urging of Suki I tried 2 circulars for my socks vice the dpn's and I am hooked.  I guess my old hands can fiddle with 2 needles better than 5. I wish I felt guilty but I spoke with my teacher and admitted how happy I am. She spent a lot of time with me on those dpn's. But she owns a yarn shop and now I can buy all her sock yarn!!

Then in keeping with learning something new each time . . . I will start a fingerless mitt set with a beautifully intricate cable pattern on the back of the hand. I love the colors in this yarn. They glisten like little jewels in the sunlight. This will cast on on July 5 and finish in 14 days, YES, it will

Because  I have been asked to be one of the hostesses on the Tour de France 2008 Knit a Long.  I am really excited about this. We watch the TDF like some watch the super Bowl, except for 14 days instead of a few hours.  We read all the blogs, make charts, eat in front of the TV, etc. Yes we are addicts. (see above for my project) .  My team is called Slipstream-Chipotle which if you follow biking sounds like a hot-paceline. Hopefully my knitters will burn up the roads (yarn). 

With the Olympic knitting trials coming up. the summer knitting is all in place.  Grab your needles and join me!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So it has been another very busy month . . this is only one of the finished objects, done in time for Easter. I have enough left over to do a tam to go with it.  I have fallen hard for sweaters that knit from the neck down. You can check the neck immediately, and at the end check arm length and finished length. For a child very necessary!  The photo was taken by my daughter who worried more about color and composition. I wanted you to see the bunny buttons. We found a marvelous side street button store while on a trip to New York years ago. I am so glad I saved them for this. I havemore pictures coming but I want you to take the time to ooh and aah at each one, rather than be over whelmed. 
I have a clapotis on the needles chosen for a very casual look. I said I wanted one to go with jeans and large enough to cuddle in on the sidelines of a soccer game. I think I have it.
My very, very good pal is in Germany for a while on a visit. Hi CHeryl, I am hoping you and Rachel are having a super time. Cheryl is bringing home SOCK yarn. Rich told me of the surprise he gave you prior to leaving. What a great husband.  Money to enjoy on a vacation just for you,  could it be any better than being in yarnland with money. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's been 3 months?????

Yes, romelda, it has! You have slacked off for too long. Inquiring minds are asking where are you? what happened? are you ever going to blog again? and the best . .  post some photos, NOW!

I began this blog January 6, 2007 because I was using a rolling walker and bored with my lack of mobility. The worry over the future of my knees was getting to me and I needed an outlet.  I also needed a hobby. Retirement was on the horizon and did not look at all like what we had planned.

Two marvelous things happened. We won't list the bad things that ensued. I found a correspondent through SP10 who turned out to be a BEST FRIEND. Go figure how a group that had members all over the world had one who lived two blocks away. Do you sense a hand in this other than ours? She also is a nurse who steered me through the medical wilderness I soon encountered and made sense as well as allowing me to use her shoulder. Yes I succumbed to small valleys in the process. An equal  marvel (other than a new knee that works!) has been the realization that my sock teacher (who was the subject of a pinstuck voodoo doll after the first lesson) has become a best of friends. How often do you find 2 patient, charming, interesting, individuals who  answer all questions, discuss possibilities, and be as interested in you as you are in them. My life has been enriched far beyond what I have to offer in return. 

I have also found a little anti-depressant is a good thing. The very small progress in physical therapy and the knowledge that we will do it all again in September look less daunting.  I have broken the TV habit,  begun to pick up the threads of my life which my husband had assumed for me, started to drive again, figured how to get in and out of my house unaided, (ah freedom) and can look a UFO in the eye without crumbling. I also have the desire to visit the library again. I actually WALKED through a grocery store this week.  Poor John can be relieved from the shopping list. I can get quite anal about picking out vegetables and exactly what milk, yogurt, etc I want. John has learned a lot about how to select asparagus, etc. and I have forced myself to learn patience.  I love to cook a wide (global) variety of foods and I enjoy it again. 

So many of you have been so kind to care and I'd need a REALLY BIG blog post. You know who you are and I have treasured every e-mail and comment. When the motor home hits the road I hope to see each of you and give you a hug for every hug you sent my way. I figure we will be on the road at least a year!! Thank you. I wish I had words to let you know how much you have lifted me up. You are all a wonder!