Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

I can not remember being so excited to see a New Year. I read about Carly Simon taking a photo a day to track her days. So I hearby resolve to do so also.  I am so not ready to resolve to lose weight or any of the other not kept resolutions I have made in the past. 
Norfolk and Virginia Beach, 2 cities so tight together one ends at the same point the other begins, are very much into "Going green" and protecting the environment. The Chesapeake Bay is under a great environmental threat. This year Virginia is buying back licenses from crabbers to help protect the growth of the crab populace. It is just one of many attempts to Help The Bay! So when I saw this sign on top of the storm drain in downtown Norfolk I had to share it.  

Very little knitting this season. I am much more into the pattern and the yarn than giving a present. Instead we made topiaries and kissing balls for ourselves and others.  We stepped the season back a step or two and enjoyed the reason for the season. It all meant so much more, especially when son and friend came in at 6 PM Christmas Eve.  We have 2 children, one 42 and one 44. We have been together every Christmas except one. I consider us very lucky and very much loved.

Today was collards, black eye peas and hopping john. Did you have yours? I have never managed to eat one pea for every day of luck I want. 365 black eye peas is a lot! This year daughter made the meal. Her collards are heavenly and yes,  I did eat too much. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm also glad to say goodbye to 2008, although I am thankful for the wonderful time with Clover; she's what made the year bearable!

Here's to a wonderful 2009!