Sunday, December 7, 2008

Alphabet of me

this is for Vickie who always tells me, "It's time to post!" I found this and it was a lot of fun to do . . I think I learned a lot about ME!

Accent: I don't think I have one but I got a job as a radio disc jockey because I did not have the local accent.
Breakfast or no breakfast: Love it, eggs with spinach and salsa, oatmeal with fruit, french toast, eggs benedict, yum
Chore I don’t care for: Cleaning the toilet.
Dog or Cat: Dogs for me. we are on our second Rottweiler although I like other people’s cats
Essential Electronics: I use them all but often wonder what it wold be like to give them all up for a wk, esp the tv
Favorite Cologne: shalimar
Gold or Silver: Gold. but my daughter is a silver so I have the best of both
Handbag I carry most often: Vera Bradley in green, it was a gift but I want one in black
Insomnia: no, as long as I don’t drink caffene late or eat chocolate
Job: retired and happy
Kids: 2., one daughter and one son,  there were no other choices left so quit
Living Arrangements: Married. 2 bedrooms, 2 bath.
Most Admirable Trait: How can you judge yourself?
Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: my parents were very strict, so my worst was getting so engrossed in reading a book that I did not hear them
Overnight hospital stays: The birth of the kids, havng ankle bones pinned and set, 2 arthroscopic surgeries, knee relacement, rotator cuff surgery, eye operation and stay for rheumatic fever as a child, Whew
Phobias: heights even on the tv make my stomach turn over,
Quote: from Helen Keller, “I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish snall tasks as if they were great ad noble.” Wow!
Reason to smile: My husband John can always make me laugh, he really enjoys life
Siblings: one brother who is deceased, I wish I had more
Time I wake up: 6AM every morning
Unusual Talent or Skill: I am so boring!
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: I don't think there is one that I refuse to eat.
Worst Habit: leting the housework slide to knit, sew, read, needlepoint and on and on
X-rays: Back, Arm, Head. knee, mri of shoulder and knee
Yummy Stuff: Sushi, Chocolate, iced Coffee, creme brulee
Zoo Animal I Like Most: seals, ask John what they sound like. He does a super imitation


vlb5757 said...

Fabulous darling, simply fabulous!! It's about time toots!!

Anonymous said...

YaY, finally a post! How are you doing?

vlb5757 said...

See, I wasn't the only one!! LOL. See you this Saturday so I can rib you about this.