Saturday, April 28, 2007

Th Family of Friends

I am married to a retired Navy pilot and my father was in the Coast Guard. I have lived many places and missed having a lot of family. So I learned early how to make a Friendly (that's a family of friends). Today my daughter has acquired a large Friendly. When this heart problem came about, her Friendlies went to work. Many of her Friendlies are in the medical field. They vetoed my original cardiologist and found a friend they like better. I have not seen the cardiologist yet but I know much about what the medical procedures will be. I am being very well looked after. My family doctor is married to my children's former baby sitter and I consider him a Friendly. . He put me on Zocor and Loprol even though my cholesterol is not over the guide lines and my blood pressure is fine. He feels why take any chances. Until I see the cardiologist this is what we will do.

My knitting Friendly is growing each day. Jae, I felt your warmth from cold Michigan and Chris, the offer of your own joyous hand dyed and spun yarn carried a hug all the way across the Atlantic. Vickie, I so hope to see you next Thursday with good news.
I am so very blessed. Knit yourself a Friendly, and wrap yourself in their warmth, it is the very best hug you can have!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

WHat's in your glass?

Remember the debate about the glass half full or half empty? I've had opportunity to dwell on that situation this week. Yesterday was to be the much anticipated knee replacement. I was ready, I thought, but it appears my heart was not in it. The EKG that was done for the medical clearance had an abnormal result. That led to a stress test that had to be medically induced because I can not walk fast enough to put myself in enough stress! That was Tuesday and finally Thursday afternoon the operation was cancelled because the stress test showed a "reversible defect in the anterior wall of the left ventricle". I had that deciphered into english which meant I have a narrowing of one or more arteries. Now I go to a cardiologist who will probaby run a cardiac catherization to look at the arteries. SO half empty . . the operation I had looked forward to for relief and an improved walk was cancelled. Half full . . better I found this now before it became so serious to be a danger. We are standing down and awaiting the next set of orders. Life never gives us more than we can handle, right?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Hats and Hats

In the midst of my charity hat knitting as my Lenten observance, a friend had her first grandchild. This yarn was too cute to pass up for a bouncy baby boy. The pompom is just full enough to rustle with each little movement of baby making it even more precious. All the other hats are on their way, one struck the fancy of a friend and I had
to knit one for her daughter who is fascinated with lady bugs. I've given her ladybug boots and a ladybug raincoat in the past.

I thought everything was a go for Friday's knee replacement but a call this morning informed us that the cardiologist saw an abnormality in the "underlying muscle of the left ventricle". So I am having a stress test tomorrow . Apparently medicine can bring my heart rate up to the rate they need, so all I have to do is lie there and be read. The stress in my heart rate at this moment is thundering. I had rheumatic fever as a 7 year old but have never had any problems. I hope I do not now.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Blessings

As you come around the corner of my street the dogwood tree stands out front of my house like a great white cloud. It always blooms between my birthday, March 27 and my daughter's, April 6. Every year this also happens to be at Easter-time. It should not grow where it is because it lives in full sun and dogwoods like forests with shade from pine trees.
It also should not grow on the crest of the sloped yard because the water drains away too quickly. It has also been hit by lightning and the center is missing. But the neighbors love it and we pamper it.

This year it has been especially full, white and quite beautiful. Old legends say it was used for the crucifixion cross because it was so strong like an oak. But Jesus took pity on it and said ever after it would only grow slender, bent and twisted so it could never be used for that purpose again. The blossoms form a cross with two long and two short petals. In the center of each petal there is a crown (of thorns) and the outer edge of each petal bears the nail prints, brown with rust and stained with red. To me it is my personal reminder of the meaning of the day, a new awakening to all the beauty and a reminder of God's blessings.
Happy Easter to all of you!

Friday, April 6, 2007


A knitting Easter Basket, complete with mohair grass, bunnies in their Easter finery, knitted Easter eggs, some citrusy soap and candy. Miss Bunny is ready to do some some hand work with her thread cutter medallion hung around her neck and Mr.Bunny has a key ring on his arm with Purell inside for emergency hand cleansing.

My weekly review:
WHAT I'M READING “At Knit”s End, Meditations for Women who KNIT too much” by Stephanie Pearl Mac-Phee, the Yarn Harlot. I give thanks for a woman who can write directly to my heart.

WHAT I'M COOKING:! Chicken tenderloins breaded in Panko with lemon zest and fresh ground ginger then baked, fresh mixed green salad, red onion slices, thin red pepper slices and a dressing of duck sauce, rice vinegar, scallion and garlic, plus a cup of chilled homemade vichyssoise, yummy for our tummies. The chicken and salad were from Rachel Ray and now is one of hubby's favorite salads.

WHAT I'M KNITTING: I need to finish my socks and make 2 more charity hats before the 20th of April and the operation, got to make those needles move!

WHAT I'M WEARING: a bathrobe, knitted socks, flannel gown, and drinking hubby's nectar of the gods (his special blend of coffee) because the temperature bottomed out last night. I was so cold I had to get up and change clothes! But still nothing I have knitted for me. I took the class in “what not to wear” from our local yarn store and decided I need to lose weight before I knit for me.

WHAT I'M WATCHING; gave up on BBC’s Robin Hood, as husband and I thought it got a little stupid, but I am still stuck on LOST and watching the Planet Earth series. Last Saturday my daughter and 3 of her friends took me out to the local cinema and cafe for drinks and dinner to see Hugh Grant's latest. I feel very blessed that she AND her friends want my company. They are a special bunch of friends. We were minus another one who was home sick. 2 school age children bring home all sorts of nasty things!

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: walking around the block and shopping, it has been 2 years since I strolled though a shopping mall

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

It's a wool thing

I really got a chuckle from this Easter card.
Off to my Secret pal goes a 2 week orgy of spend and knit. Gosh, what fun! Can't wait for her to get it so I can show you!. I hope everyone has been having this much fun. Isn't it pleasant and rewarding to think of someone else and hopefully bring them joy.
My mother always said I knew how to give better than to receive.

I had the last visit with the orthopedic surgeon today prior to the replacement. He quoted that 19%of people with knee replacements still have pain afterwards and 5% wish they had never had the surgery. I will, I will be in the 81%! If there is anything to positive thinking I will be there. I loved long walks and look forward so much to be able to walk around the block or to stroll the boardwalk at the oceanfront. We have a lovely seashore park with great walking paths. Oh I can think of so many places I want to walk. The rest of the discussion of morphine pumps and machines to move my leg is too much for here, so I'll return to a happier thought of Easter baskets and Easter blessings for you all.

Monday, April 2, 2007


My dh is going to a baby shower. Since this will not be a first child the new mommy has requested gifts that can be donated to a charity that my dh recommended. FOR KIDS is a program that works with disadvantaged and homeless children. I made a couple of children's hats and took a class to learn to make these booties. They are seamless and done on 5 dpns. I figured the more practice I get on dpn's, the easier the second pair of socks will be These were a lot of fun. I am still learning to use this camera. It is a very small digital, KODAK EASY SHARE C533, very easy to stowe and carry and to shoot. BUT the user's manual is a flat out zero for usability. I took 20 shots to get this fuzzy image.