Wednesday, January 7, 2009

12th Night

The Three Kings came and left their presents, a coffee press for daughter, wine stoppers for husband and a lovely heart with cross for me. Now I need a gold chain for it. I hope I don't have to wait for my March birthday!!

 I promised photos of my favorite ornaments and here are two. This one  is handmade and was purchased at a church bazaar. I admire the maker so much. About 5-6 years ago I took a class in smocking. I fell in love with the look when we visited the China Fleet Club in Hong Kong.  I should have known I could NEVER achieve the look the chinese achieved on those dresses.  I have three of these ornaments but I just love the candy canes on this one.

John and I were married on December 29
1962 and for Christmas 1963 we were on the road
to California for US Navy orders to attend USC for Safety Officers. While living in Los Angeles for four months we visited former squadron mates in San Diego and even went to Tijuana. I did not get out the Mexican ornaments this year.We returned by way of San Francisco and the Rocky Mountains to Jacksonville,  FLorida to pick up our sailboat and tow it to Norfolk for the next duty station. 

The little cable car is a fond memory of cioppino, jumping on and off cable cars, the zig-zag street, Horchows and the great market place. 

Next to the cable car has to be one of my most favorites. The photo is not the best but try to see my aviator in his flight suit in the almost 50 years ago style. His goggles are adorable and I always give him a smooch as I hang him on the tree.

What are your favorites?  I am fascinated by what we put on our trees.

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Julie said...

I love the smocked ornament.

My favorite ornaments are the photo ornaments I bought each year as my daughter was growing up; you know the ones where you put your own photo in it.