Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One good memory

I was photographing the tree for my favorite ornament photo for today when I got a tiny bit sentimental. I got down one of many photo boxes to look for past Christmas pictures. But I found this instead,This is my mother and I in spring 1943 on the front porch of 14 Lenox Place, Staten Island, New York. I know the address so well after all these years because I was taught it and I had it engraved on a locket I wore all of the time. My father was in the south pacific, and my mother and I lived with my grandparents during the war. Mother worked as a secretary in New York. My grandmother told me she knitted and sewed mother and daughter outfits for us, and argyle socks. I was very inquisitive and I think the look I was getting from her had to do with my hand on her knitting bag.  I do not ever remember her with a knitting needle in her hands. But she often remarked that she was glad I knew how to knit. She lived her last 35 years in Key West, Florida. It was too hot for knitted wear so I never knit for her.  My daughter thought the photo had a scratch but we determined it was the wool hanging from the needle. How thin it seems.


kasiaiscarly said...

how neat!

Hope said...

What a beautiful photo! And what does the ornament look like that you spoke of? I am already thinking of making new ornaments for next christmas.

Anonymous said...

What a great photo!